Aid Project

Helping the Flood Victims in Myanmar

Helping the Flood Victims in Myanmar

AIM Program (Formerly Aid Myanmar Project)
AIM (Aid In Myanmar) Program is a humanitarian arm of Frontier Burma Mission, Inc. and
this program includes Relief Effort and Community Development.

Relief Effort and Community Developments include medical clinics, an orphanage, child care and development program such as water supplies, wind power, agriculture developments and rural area development programs.  Now, all RECD works are under the name of AIM Program.

AIM Program has worked for the Cyclone Nargis victims in 2008 and is now helping the flood victims in Myanmar.

Aerial View of the Flood in Myanmar

Aerial View of the Flood in Myanmar

Flood Crisis: Background Information
       Every year, during the monsoon season (June – July), the Manipur river flows into Chindwin River which connects to the east side of Kalaymyo. People residing in these areas have been experiencing a normal flood caused by the overflowing of the rivers nearby. However, unexpectedly starting from July 16th, unusually heavy cyclone storm poured into Myanmar and making rivers and creeks overflow with rainwater. Since the people residing in these areas were unaware of the overflow because of lack of weather forecast, flash floods and landslides in Myanmar have claimed at several lives and affected over 215,000 people. In fact, in May 2008, cyclone Nargis hit the delta region of Myanmar affecting millions of people and about two hundred thousand people died.

Description of the Situation
       The 2015 Myanmar Flood was caused by heavy rainfall and affected 11 out of 14 States and Division in Myanmar. Flash floods and landslides in Myanmar have claimed at least 46 lives and affected some 215,000 people, swallowing huge tracts of land in what the United Nations has described as a “major natural disaster.” Heavy rain starting from 16th July destroyed farmland, roads, rail tracks, bridges, houses and schools. Myanmar Ministry of Information announced an emergency declaration covering Magwe Division, Sagaing Division, Zomi Land (Chin State) and Rakhine State. The hard hit areas were Kalay Township and the entire Kalay valley.

At present in Kalaymyo, the local government setup seven-relief centers for about 8807 flood victims as reported by Zomi Youth Association (ZYA) in Kalaymyo. In addition, about eleven local churches have setup relief centers. In fact, 15,991 houses and 11, 765 people were affected by the flood in Kalaymyo and approximately 20,000 houses and over 150,000 people in the entire region were devastated by this major natural disaster.

Due to the devastating conditions caused by the unexpected flood, over two hundred thousands of people are homeless and in immediate need of food, clean drinking water, shelter, and medical assistants. As the situation is critically severe beyond comprehension, any form of assistance is desperately needed!

ZYA warned that the affected residents have to deal with potential spread of diseases in communities rising from Myanmar flood crisis. The flood already destroyed over half a million paddy fields, homes, roads and communication lines are down. Many areas are still completely cut off by high waters or damaged roads. Schools are destroyed and need supplies from books to benches. ZYA reports that transportation, electricity and communication were interrupted across the disaster zones. The food supply over the long term will be challenging due to the extensive flooding of paddy fields and the loss of grains and livestock. Furthermore, ZYA believes that Myanmar floods aftermath will have a long-term effect such as potential famine for around five years unless they receive immediate and adequate respond from Myanmar government and international relief assistances.

Program Duration
This program began in August 2015 and to ends in August 2016.

Monetary contributions
for the flood victims make out to Frontier Burma Mission to the addresses below.
Mailing Address:
P.O Box 700481
Tulsa, OK 74170

Goods contributions
We are in need of the following items for the victims.
1) Clothes
2) Computers, printers
3) Medical and dental equipments
4) School supplies
5) Water supplies
6) Farming supplies
7) One shipping container.

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